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Best Mattress for Sex 2023

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Best Mattress for Sex 2023

While sleep is important, it’s not the only activity of importance that happens within the confines of a bedroom. For those who are having an active sex life, choosing a mattress that matches their requirements is something that cannot be neglected. Additionally, if a mattress is good for sex, it will also be good for sleep. If you are in the market for mattress that will enhance your active sex life, you may be a bit overwhelmed by the countless options available in the market. Our team at Mattress Pundit have reviewed hundreds of mattresses and have ranked the best 10 mattresses for sex in 2023.

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Quick Overview

From firmness level and mattress material through to edge support and responsive, we analyzed every mattress in our ranking against all key factors. Based on our studies, we have no hesitation in choosing the Classic Saatva Mattress as the best overall mattress for sex in 2023.

Saatva Classic Mattress

When it comes to making great mattresses, Saatva never disappoints. The Saatva Classic Mattress was a standout choice during our tests, and we have no hesitation in terming it as the best hybrid mattress in the market today. It’s fantastic bounce level, responsive and shifting dual coils, and solid edge support, makes it an excellent for choice sexually active couples for intimacy and for a great night’s sleep.

Additionally, he mattress’s sturdy edge support prevents any sagging or rolling-off sensations, maximizing the usable space and providing a stable surface for uninhibited exploration. Also, the mattress is designed with organic and eco-friendly materials, promoting a healthier sleeping environment, and further adding to its appeal. Although it is a bit expensive in terms of price, it’s an investment we would recommend due to the comfort and features it offers.

Layla Hybrid Mattress

If your preference is for versatility, then we would recommend Layla Hybrid mattress as the best mattress for sex. As a dual-sided mattress you can make your pick on whether you want to sleep on a firm mattress or a soft one. Additionally, Layla Hybrid Mattress is comfortable for all sleeping positions and is guaranteed to offer a breathable and comfortable sleeping experience. When it comes to sex, we recommend the firmer side as the soft side may cause sinkage.

Furthermore, the Layla Hybrid Mattress is designed with copper-infused memory foam, providing cooling properties that regulate temperature and prevent overheating during passionate encounters. In conclusion, the Layla Hybrid Mattress is an ideal choice for couples seeking a versatile, supportive, and cooling mattress that enhances their sexual experiences and promotes restful sleep afterward.

Dreamcloud Original Mattress

If you a hot sleeper and prefer sleeping on your back, then the Dreamcloud Original Mattress is the best mattress for sex. It’s bouncy, responsive, and stands out in terms of motion isolation. Coming in with a height of 14” high, the Dreamcloud Original Mattress is a thick bed featuring three layers including a soft cashmere quilted top, inner spring coils, and several foam layers.  

The mattress comes with a life-time warranty and a 365-day long trial. Place an order through the Dreamcloud website and you can also avail free shipping. Additionally, the edge support of this mattress is exceptional, expanding the usable surface area and preventing any feelings of roll-off. This feature allows couples to explore the entire mattress freely and comfortably. Furthermore, the cooling properties of the Dreamcloud Original Mattress, such as the breathable cover and gel-infused foam, regulate temperature and prevent overheating during passionate encounters.

Nolah Natural 11” Mattress

Made completely from organic materials, the Nolah Natural 11” is a hypoallergenic mattress that can be great choice for sexually active couples. It comes with a pleasant scent and natural feel and ticks every box on what you’ll look for a mattress when it comes to intimacy. The mattress has a relatively firm construct with a 3-zone coil system and offers great edge support. One thing to note, although the mattress is shorter in height when compared to Dreamcloud it is a heavy mattress to maneuver around.

Emma CliMax Hybrid Mattress

You can somewhat guess it from the name itself, Emma CliMax Hybrid Mattress has been designed for sex. Supportive and responsive, the Emma CliMax hybrid provides absolute freedom of movement. Some of the other features that make this mattress ideal for sex includes pocketed coils, breathable foam, and superior edge support technology. The Emma CliMax Hybrid Mattress also excels in motion isolation, minimizing disturbances caused by movements and creating an uninterrupted environment for couples to enjoy their intimate time together.

Apart from sex, the mattress is ideal for heavy people and comes with a 365-day trial period and 10-year warranty. Overall, the Emma CliMax Hybrid Mattress is the top choice for couples seeking a comfortable, cooling, and motion-isolating mattress that enhances their sexual experiences and promotes restful sleep afterward. Its innovative features and exceptional design make it an outstanding option for a fulfilling and satisfying intimate life.

Bear Mattress Elite Hybrid

The Bear Mattress Elite Hybrid stands out as an excellent choice for sex due to its combination of supportive construction and luxurious comfort. Its hybrid design incorporates both pocketed coils and high-quality foam layers, delivering exceptional bounce and responsiveness. The mattress’s buoyant surface allows for easy movement and effortless adjustments during intimate activities, enhancing overall comfort and pleasure. Moreover, the Bear Mattress Elite Hybrid boasts excellent edge support, ensuring a stable surface area that prevents any feeling of roll-off. This extended usable space maximizes the mattress’s surface, allowing for unrestricted movement and exploration.

Additionally, the mattress features cooling technology that regulates temperature during heated moments, preventing uncomfortable heat buildup. This feature can significantly enhance the overall experience and ensure uninterrupted enjoyment.

Nectar Original Mattress

The Nectar Original Mattress is a top choice for sex due to its exceptional combination of comfort, support, and motion isolation. Its memory foam construction creates a plush yet supportive surface that conforms to the body’s curves, offering a comfortable and pressure-relieving experience during intimate activities. The mattress’s excellent motion isolation ensures that movements are absorbed, minimizing disturbances to the partner, and allowing for uninterrupted moments of intimacy. Additionally, the Nectar Original Mattress features a balanced level of responsiveness, facilitating easy movements and position changes without feeling stuck or sinking too deeply. This responsiveness contributes to a more dynamic and enjoyable experience.

Furthermore, the mattress is engineered with cooling properties, including a breathable cover and gel-infused memory foam, which helps regulate temperature and prevents uncomfortable heat buildup during passionate encounters.

WinkBeds Innerspring Mattress

The WinkBeds Innerspring Mattress is a top-notch choice for sex due to its outstanding combination of support, responsiveness, and durability. Its innerspring construction, which includes individually wrapped coils, offers excellent support and bounce, creating a responsive surface that allows for easy movements and position changes during intimate activities. The mattress’s sturdy edge support ensures a stable surface area, maximizing the usable space and preventing any uncomfortable roll-off sensations. This feature enables couples to explore the entire mattress without feeling confined to the center.

Moreover, the WinkBeds Innerspring Mattress is crafted with high-quality materials that contribute to its long-lasting durability. This aspect is crucial for ensuring that the mattress maintains its supportive properties over time, even with frequent use. Additionally, the mattress is designed with cooling technology, such as a breathable Tencel cover and gel-infused foam layers, which helps regulate temperature and prevents overheating during passionate moments.