At Mattress Pundit, we strive to provide honest and unbiased reviews of all the mattresses we review. We believe in transparency and hence wish to be upfront about the relationship we have with the various mattress companies in the market. The team at Mattress Pundit do receive a small compensation for which customers that we direct to their website or shop. Termed as affiliate marketing, the commission we receive is entirely dependent on the lead and conversion we are able to generate for the mattress provider.

However, the compensation we receive does in no way influence our reviews. We have a stringent mattress review process in place and evaluate each mattress against the metrics we have created. We aim to help our readers make informed choices when it comes to buying a new mattress. For any queries with regard to our service, feel free to get in touch with us today!

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Mattress Pundit Editorial Policy

Maintaining editorial independence is one of our top priorities. As mentioned, the goal for Mattress Pundit is to help users make informed decisions and thereby make informed decisions when buying a mattress. For this reason, we do not accept compensation in exchange for a positive review. Additionally, we do not allow mattress companies any control over our website content. Each review that we publish on our website is a product of thorough research, testing, and customer reviews. 

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Our mattress reviews are written based on personal opinions and experiences. While we strive to provide accurate and informative reviews, we cannot guarantee the same. All Mattress Pundit readers should do their own research prior to purchasing a mattress. The reviews are one of the many available online. The Mattress Pundit team cannot be held liable for any damages incurred as a result of a decision based on our reviews. 

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